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It’s a Miracle
For thirty-four years Doug Anderson was the hero of Manasquan Beach, rescuing swimmers from riptides and the rocky shore. After receiving his second COVID-19 vaccine, Doug needed rescuing himself. Just when his friends and family thought they could breathe easy, they had to embark on the prayer battle of their lives-and for his life. In It’s a Miracle, Doug’s father and sister tell the story and share photos of his nineteen-month recovery when it seemed the world was spinning out of control, and despair and tragedy were everywhere. But his family had a secret weapon: a worldwide army of prayer warriors. Doug’s inspiring story highlights the importance of prayer-and the boundless love of God.

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Drop Dead Dangerous
In 1974, the US East Coast was whipped up into a frenzy of fear. Locking their windows and doors, everyone was terrified of becoming the next victim of the strikingly handsome but deadly “Casanova Killer”. And he was on the move. After being released from jail and promptly abandoned by his fiancée, Paul John Knowles embarked on a spate of gruesome murders on a road trip up the Pacific Coast. No room for fear, no room for guilt, just the road. As the man-hunt gathered pace, the cold-blooded killing spree continued to defy detectives. With no visible pattern in the age, race nor gender of the victims, Knowle’s joyride of kidnap, rape and murder tore across multiple state borders. It became a race of tragically high stakes. How many more lives would be lost before the police finally caught up?

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