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SciFi and Fantasy

Centaur of the Crime
C.S. Lewis meets CSI when Dayna Chrissie, the LAPD’s best crime scene analyst, finds a golden medallion on a body that’s been unceremoniously dumped at a construction site. At first, she doesn’t think the find’s that unusual. Until that medallion’s enchantment transports her to the magical world of Andeluvia. Dayna’s been summoned out of desperation: Someone’s murdered the king, and if she can’t solve the mystery, human and centaur realms plunge headlong into war! But nobody wants peace when war offers chances for riches and glory. So Dayna ends up with a team of cast-offs: a centaur wizard with father issues, a brash griffin warrior, and the world’s unluckiest magical deer. And the trail leads where she least expects it…back home! When the evidence brings Dayna and her new friends back to Los Angeles, she must use all of her knowledge of forensics in order to solve the case.

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