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Five-Minute Frights
Neighbors who haven’t left the house in years. Unwelcome visitors who don’t let you sleep. Reflections that look like someone else. Combining elements of folklore, 80’s horror, and campfire stories, “Five-Minute Frights” is a collection of flash fiction that’ll raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

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Beautiful young woman. Violated. Violently murdered. Discarded. Forgotten. Existing solely to motivate the young FBI agent / former detective. A simple prop. Quickly forgotten again. This is not that sort of story. Floating Hair is a bleak, brutal, and unsettling horror novel which includes doomed romances. Okay, so you’ve clicked on “Read more” and want to know further details about my novel: Floating Hair is a gothic horror novel, with a female perspective, set in north-eastern United States. David, grieving for his lost wife, returns to Malsham: finding new love, and a town filled with romantic, sexual, and criminal lives. And some bad men. Especially one. In 1692, Lucy was burned as a witch to conceal his crime: the ravaging fire destroying every aspect of her identity. In the centuries that follow, no-one is held responsible. But now she is given a chance of retribution.

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