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DBT Workbook For Teens
Specially crafted with a warm, heartfelt, and friendly tone, this practical book explores the proven benefits of Dialectal Behavior Therapy, along with how we can best equip today’s young people with the emotional tools they need to achieve balance, stability, and wellness in their lives. Drawing on a powerful mix of psychological insights, user-friendly advice, and fun worksheets to help young readers on their journey to a happier life, the DBT Workbook for Teens seeks to dispel the mysteries around DBT and provide parents and teens alike with an invaluable tool for personal and emotional growth. Built on the foundations of Dialectal Behavior Therapy, including mindfulness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal relationships, this handbook seeks to arm teens with a rewarding path to self-improvement, shining like a guiding light to help them navigate the challenges of life and grow into successful, fulfilled, and thriving adults. Through a collection of straightforward, step-by-step techniques, teens will discover how to build self-love and confidence, cultivate resilience and courage in the face of adversity, set healthy boundaries in their personal relationships, and embrace their authentic selves with proven DBT skills.

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