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Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot
Despite growing up together, Ditie hasn’t seen Ellie Winston in two years, and she didn’t even know Ellie was living in Atlanta. But when Ellie asks her to take care of Lucie and Jason for the weekend, she thinks nothing of it. They’ll bake cookies together, play with her dog—it’ll be fun! Until the police call with terrible news. Ellie may not have been the best friend, but who would want her dead? Could it have something to do with the vague get-rich-quick scheme she mentioned to Ditie? Or the men in a black truck following her and breaking into her home? Not sure who to trust other than her best friend, Lurleen, Ditie’s buried maternal instincts kick in to protect the kids and find their mother’s killer—before they’re orphaned again.

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Talba Wallis Mysteries Vol. 2-4
She’s Queen Latifah. He’s Danny DeVito. Or they would be if this were a movie—in print, they’re Talba Wallis and Eddie Valentino. Talba (aka the Baroness of Pontabla) has got the beauty, the brains, the computer savvy, the poetic soul, the youth, the right demographic, and the sass. Eddie’s got the detective agency. Also a short fuse and yes, wisdom. Not only do they make it work, they’ve got chemistry—and they’re turning it up to battle the sinister past of smalltown Louisiana, the killer of a Gatsby girl (minus the glamour), and the dirty local politics of the good ole’ Big Easy. All for a wicked bargain, as Eddie would say.

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