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SciFi and Fantasy

Cull the Spring That Gathers
Dumped in the middle of nowhere, far from each other, Sal and Lise are now both faced with a formidable task; make it out alive, and preferably with their sanity intact as well. With nothing much but the clothes on their backs the odds are stacked against them right from the start. Their journeys take them through lush forests, across rocky deserts, vast oceans and snowcapped mountains, while dangers in different guises stalk them day and night. As they press on with their arduous quests, it becomes clear that the cause of their tribulations might be much closer to home than they ever could’ve believed. The very home they’re both pining for.

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Age of Madness Collection
Two hundred years ago the earth was destroyed by the World’s Worst Day Ever and civilization has fallen. Life on Earth will never be the same. Who will guide them through this period of madness into a new world that unfolds after apocalypses? Three heroines rise to rebel, fight for justice and defend the helpless to secure humanity’s future as they head into a journey to the Age of Magic. In this collection, get three complete series set in the Age of Madness, part of the massive Kurtherian Gambit Universe, and join these heroines on their adventures!

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