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The Haunting of Porlock House

Tom Osborne is returning to the Australian country town of Corbin to arrange his aunt’s funeral. His last visit was twenty years ago when he was seven years old. As Tom revisits the town, fragments of long-forgotten memories resurface in his mind. On that last trip, he and his friend, Lyn, explored the elegant residence of Porlock House on a nighttime cycle ride. However, that can’t be true because the house has not existed for over one hundred years. Tom’s curiosity is piqued, and he searches for answers to the mystery of Porlock House. However, delving into the house’s secrets reveals a sinister history, and discovering the truth will become a matter of life and death for Tom.

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Twelve years ago, a global pandemic known as the Job virus decimated the world’s population. One city withstood the virus by going into lockdown during the early days of the pandemic and erecting a massive barricade wall to insulate themselves from the sick and the dying. Now called Vita Nova—meaning New Life—the city is overcrowded and its resources are quickly dwindling. The area outside the wall, known as the Unregulated Zone, is a vast wasteland filled with crumbling buildings, overgrown highways, and the Lawless: brutal bands of marauders intent on breeching the barricade and claiming the city’s resources for themselves. To combat the problem of overcrowding, the leadership of Vita Nova has implemented two programs: The Compulsory Program, which requires that anyone over the age of sixty—or anyone who requires medical treatment for a chronic illness—undergo a humane euthanization procedure. There is also the Volunteer Program, which offers residents the chance to be revered at a public ceremony and receive a Final Week of luxury, gifts, and praise…in exchange for giving up their lives for the good of all.

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