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The Westwood Park Abductions
When her son Phillip disappears, Bella has to confront a past that she had thought she’d left behind.

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The Heretic’s Daughter (Isaac Alvarez Mysteries Book 2)
Isaac seeks revenge on Torquemada for the murder of his wife and best friend. But he’s not the only one who wants The Grand Inquisitor dead. The King commands Isaac to investigate. If Isaac stops the assassination, he saves the man he hates. Fail and he loses the King’s protection: the only thing keeping a heretic like Isaac alive. After a perilous journey to Granada, he confronts both Torquemada and the truth about himself. Conflicted by her father’s heresy and distressed by his quest for vengeance, Isabel sets out to discover the truth. Feeling abandoned by her father, the trail takes her to the darkest places in Seville. She is unnerved by a shocking revelation and a surprising discovery about her real feelings. Can Isabel use what she has unearthed to save her father and their family?

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Accidentally All Of Me Book 1
I’m raising someone else’s kid. My sister’s daughter, and where I thought I’d never make it as a single father bachelor, I was wrong. This little girl has my heart. And only her. Until a stray dog happens upon my place and we’re forced to call a vet. And a beautiful woman showed up. I didn’t believe in fate. But it seems to believe in me. The beautiful woman who helped us out with the dog shows up again later on a blind date across the table from me. And I’m sold out for her before I realize what’s happening. Pulling back is my only hope for survival.

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US UK and CA

Once Upon A Time
A sword-wielding Cinderella. An enchanting Beauty. A villain who might not be so bad after all…
Once upon a time, before the Brothers Grimm, when fairytales were romantic fantasies for entertaining adults and frightening children…
Three twisted tales inspired by the classic fairytales…for adults who still love reading fairytales, though they’re a little darker now, making that happily ever after so much sweeter.

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