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Purrfect Saint
When Grandma Muffin announced she’d found religion, and started recruiting followers for her new church, I just figured it was par for the course. After all, Gran has always had an eccentric streak. But when Harriet decided to follow in Gran’s footsteps and teach us all about the meaning of life, it got my attention. And so it happened that the whole family headed downtown one night to attend their first Soul Science gathering, meeting Masters Omar and Sharif, the church’s charismatic leaders. Tex, meanwhile, was facing some problems of his own. A handsome young doctor had moved in across the street and had set up his office, and Tex’s patients were changing doctors in droves, leaving Odelia’s dad close to despair. There was something very peculiar about this new doctor, though, and it wasn’t just that everyone was so crazy about him.

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Hollow Moon
Famed author William Edward Penn might be the most talked-about writer in America. He’s written a novel. A terrifying novel. The images are hauntingly vivid, and the details seem all too real, as if they’d been plucked from memory. Each page transports him to a life he once knew, a world he’d rather leave behind. He still wakes up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat. He can still picture their faces, even in his nightmares. After years of replaying the events in his head, past recollections begin to merge with fantasy. Even now, he struggles to piece it all together. And time is running out. Today marks his first television appearance. He will have to look his audience in the eye. He will have to answer for what he’s done.

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Silicon Valley Cozy Mystery Series Box Set
If you like your cozy mysteries served with clever humor, sassy side characters, and more twists than red licorice, you’ll love this refreshingly modern cozy series. First 3 full novels included!

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