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The Paradise River Abductions

After escaping her abusive marriage, Miranda Bell rebuilt her life. Eight years later, Miranda is now a successful RN and decides to return to her hometown with her twin daughters. But when Miranda’s ex-husband shows up with his entire motorcycle club in tow, she fears what he will do when he learns the truth about the twins.

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Bad Vibes
Oboist Sara Baron is settling nicely into her new life back in her hometown, but when a friend goes missing under suspicious circumstances, her newfound equilibrium is thrown off balance. The police don’t suspect foul play, but Sara gets a bad vibe when she finds her friend Micah blew off a meeting with his dissertation chair and has been ghosting his girlfriend. Playing amateur sleuth, she uncovers secrets from Micah’s past which make her wonder if she ever knew her friend at all. Meanwhile, Sara has a secret of her own. One which could change her life forever.

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Night of the Purple Moon
The moon turned purple when the earth passed through the comet’s tail, but nobody predicted the germs that would attack human sex hormones. Older teens and adults died within hours. On a small Maine island, Abby Leigh helps her brother and sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside her – adolescence.

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The Housewarming
Everyone is going to the housewarming party. All the same people who lived on the street the day Abi vanished… Will her mother finally learn the truth?
Ava only left her daughter in the pushchair for five minutes. The buckle was fastened, and she was sure it was safe. But when she came downstairs, the door was open and Abi was gone – she walked down the road, past the Lovegoods’ house, and was never seen again.
A year later, the Lovegoods are planning their long-anticipated housewarming party. Ava doesn’t want to go. She can’t bear to look down that end of the road, to see the place where Abi vanished, and she doesn’t want to spend time with people who don’t share her grief. Her husband Matt persuades her: he’s worried about her. A night out might do her good.

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Sunset on Whisling Island
Friendship and inner strength bind four women together. Whenever one struggles, the others are there to lift them up. They know they’ll come out of these trials stronger, better, and happier—and with lifelong friendships to treasure.
You have the power within you to overcome anything. In her heart, Bess knows this is true. But when her husband of over twenty years admits to an affair, she isn’t sure she can find her way back to breathing, much less thriving. But Bess does find the strength to kick Jon out, even when he falls to his knees and begs for another chance. He claims he is willing to do anything to make up for his past wrongs, to restore their marriage. But when Bess awakes from her shock a few weeks later, after the initial pain has begun to subside, she realizes the truth. She has the whole world before her—what does she want to do with it?

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