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SciFi and Fantasy

Shifter In The Swamp
Amanda Coulier is a young shifter and ward of one of the greatest bounty hunters of all time. But Johnny Walker is better with hound dogs than young girls. Especially the kind who can grow fur and fangs and rip out your throat in the middle of teenage angst. Where to send Amanda for an education that won’t leave anyone in tears… or dead? Time to start a new school with two more legends. James Brownstone and Leira Berens. Mix in Summer Flannerty, a young Witch who’s got a thing for breaking rules and just landed in Amanda’s room. Trouble leads the girls to a relic hidden away for good reasons.

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Sovereign Assassin
In the tiny European country of Tantalia, Princess Niobe is being groomed to ascend to the throne. Secretly, the Princess has been trained by her martial arts instructor, Gethan, to kill the businessman responsible for her parent’s deaths. Once queen, she will have ‘sovereign immunity’ and be free to kill without prosecution. Niobe strikes and then again, but unbeknownst to her, her second kill is caught on video and she is identified as an assassin. Her people, however, seem accepting of the idea and of their Queen’s unconventional shadowy activities. Then a TV producer comes to her with a novel idea – how about a reality tv show about her next kill?

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The Auriga Project (Translocator Trilogy Book 1)
Ripped from Earth and transported to a strange new world, Eliana’s taken captive by the leaders of a native tribe. What do they want with her? They don’t seem friendly. So when she becomes the target of an ancient sacrificial ritual, Eliana fears she’ll be next. Can she avoid becoming an offering to their alien god? And how in the worlds will she ever get back home? You’ll love the fast-paced action in this sci-fi thriller that mixes what you love about portal fiction with an alien first contact adventure. It’s a harrowing tale of survival against all odds, and the gateway to an ancient alien mystery.

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Earthrise – Super Box Set (Book 1-6)
With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, Earthrise has captivated readers around the world. This bundle includes the first SIX novels of this bestselling series. If you loved Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers, you’ll love Earthrise. From a USA Today bestselling author. Earthrise is a story of humanity struggling to rise from ruin. A devastating alien invasion hit us hard. Billions died. Our world burned. Space, we learned, swarms with predators. And only the strongest can survive in these shadows. Heroes gather. Earth’s ragtag army flies out to fight. Together, we must beat back the aliens. We must claim our territory among the stars. Earth must rise . . . or we will all fall.

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