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Scoring the Keeper’s Sister
PR rep Erica tries out the respected Mr. Match service to find the one … but what happens when “the one” turns out to be the one guy she absolutely can’t stand? Fernando Fuerte is a total player. In every sense of the word. He’s star forward for the Sharks, the pro soccer team where I handle PR. And I loathe him.
So when Mr. Match matches us, I know there’s a mistake. And when my brother bets me I couldn’t get Fuerte to ask me out even if we were a perfect match? I can’t turn down a bet… even if I don’t really want to go out with Fernando. Because. I don’t. At all. The problem is that the closer I get to Fuerte, the more I start to see that he’s actually a good guy. And the closer I’m afraid I am to becoming just another girl in his long line of dates. If I fall for him, can I win more than just the ridiculous cheese bet I made with my brother? Can I actually win Fuerte’s love? Scoring with the Keeper’s Sister is a hilariously fun romantic comedy featuring an annoyingly hot pro soccer player, a gloriously silly goalie as his best friend, a bet about Wensleydale cheese, and the matchmaking site everyone is talking about. It’s part of a lighthearted and fun series, but it stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.

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Trained At The Gym

My New Year’s resolution was to start exercising. I never expected to meet the men of my dreams. Yet now that I’m going to Rocky Mountain Fitness every day? I’m getting sweaty with three of the most gorgeous guys imaginable. Finn, the jacked personal trainer whose shorts cling to his muscular body so tightly it leaves nothing to the imagination. He stretches me out before each workout and then spots me while I lift weights, gently touching my body to arrange me in just the right position. Max, the tall, gorgeous spin instructor with a quick wit and sarcastic smile. He finds new ways to raise my pulse and make me sweat–and only some of them take place on a spin machine.

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His Hidden Wife
The first time you see them, out for an evening walk on the cliffs, you’ll think they’re the perfect family. You’ll see a wife who looks so happy, strolling peacefully beside her husband in his dark winter coat, holding her daughter’s hand. But you have no idea what’s really happening in their house…

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The Girl on the Platform
Berlin, 1939: Libby is determined to start a new life––as far away as possible from her family and their alliance with the Nazis. But in the city, there’s no escape from Hitler’s brutal regime. And when Libby’s friend vanishes into thin air, she cannot stand back and do nothing…
And then Libby meets Harro and her world tips upside down as they fall desperately in love. But she knows there’s a story behind his cornflower-blue eyes. The whip marks on his back, scars from the SS, tell his secret: he is a resistance fighter.
Harro draws Libby into the world of the resistance, and their life grows increasingly dangerous as they do everything they can to bring about Hitler’s downfall. With each risk they take, Libby is terrified of losing Harro––how will she live without him?

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