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Carnal Deviance
Detectives Joseph Morris and Hugo Carrillo are back; back to ribbing each other every chance they get in this dark, morbidly funny crime thriller. A dead body found hanging upside down behind an old factory launches an investigation that takes them on a savage, blood-soaked adventure, delving into grisly crime scenes, murky family histories, bloated corpses and suicides, possible serial killers, and to the city zoo where something is not quite right; imposing animals that are eerily hollow-eyed or milky-eyed, and exhibiting mysterious wounds and scars – one former zoo employee simply attributing it all to evil. With very different personalities – as compatible as stale water and rancid oil – this bantering police duo; foul-mouthed and irreverent, nevertheless makes their differences work to their advantage, which reflects in the unconventional methods they often employ. Though not always to the best of results…

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Chasing Secrets
AI, Quantum and nano tech, beyond what most believe possible, have already been developed. They exists. Science fiction is real. People are using these amazing breakthroughs today. Corrupt and greedy people. What about monopolizing the food supply? Monopolizing fresh water? Manipulating human DNA? Manipulating the masses.
Controlling the weather? Controlling the masses. Technologies so dangerous, we are all at risk . Everything, the whole ball game, humanity, the planet itself could be lost. It’s happening now. It may be too late to stop . Unless a brilliant engineer together with one of the world’s most lethal spies can find the evildoers before they themselves are found.

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