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Banished & Welcomed
Scotland 1808: As laird, CORMAG MACDRUMMOND knows his duty to his clan. All his life, he’s put their needs before his own, silencing his heart’s deepest desires. But then an allied laird makes a request that Cormag cannot refuse. Duty-bound, he offers the man’s fair cousin a place among his people, vowing to keep her safe from the dark rumours that follow wherever she goes. However, the moment he lays eyes on MOIRA BRUNWOOD, Cormag knows that he’s made a grave mistake. Her soulful, blue eyes and unyielding pride soon steal into his guarded heart, and before long, Cormag finds himself falling under her spell in a way he would never have expected. Moira has the Sight. Always have her dreams shown her glimpses of the future, and always has she acted upon them. However, one wrong step sees her banished from her own clan, her family, her home and thrust among strangers, who look at her with suspicion and mistrust. Whispers abound of her otherworldly abilities, and some even believe she’s a witch. Moira is determined not to cower, not to yield, and yet, she finds that loneliness is a fate worse than death.

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Duke of Chance
The Duke of Danesbury, better known as the Duke of Chance, is an unrepentant rake, a gambler, a club owner, and an all-around sinner. Which is why, taking over the gaming hell, the Den of Sins, suits him perfectly. And while he knows he’ll have to marry at some point, he looks upon the institution the way some might consider having a tooth extracted. The act is to be avoided until the last possible moment. But when an opportunity falls into his lap to have the best of both worlds, marriage and freedom, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. She’s loved Chance forever… How could Lady Daisy Longrove forget her childhood infatuation? He’s her brother’s best friend, after all. The handsome and powerful duke has never seen her as anything but a little girl. That is until she finally sets her silly girlhood fancy aside and falls in love with another man, one who also happens to be a rake. All right, perhaps she has a type. But when the Earl of Edgemere doesn’t keep his promise of marriage, she’s all but ruined. That’s when Chance makes her an offer. He’ll save her by marrying her, if she’ll provide him with an heir and then allow him the freedom to do as he chooses.

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