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Stolen Child
Lux Bern is not who everyone thinks she is. As her past comes back to haunt her, Lux takes on more responsibility as West Seven Police Department’s newest deputy. When a man named Joshua Fiorello turns up dead, the acting detective rules his death a suicide. Lux isn’t so sure, but no one else believes Joshua was murdered. Meanwhile, Lux works with Detective Chike Nwadike to uncover the identity of the notorious drug lord known only as the Serpent. The pressure is on—will Lux rise to the challenge or crumble beneath it?

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Triple Play
As the assistant baseball coach, I’m supposed to keep my hands off the players. But Rafael Rivera, the ace pitcher for the Rangers, makes that awfully tough. Half Puerto Rican and half Italian, his smile reminds me of orange groves and sweet red wine. And when he shows up outside my hotel room one night? Let’s just say our workout can’t be found in any baseball program. But Rafael has two teammates who want to share me during the season. There’s Darryl Bryant, the tattooed bad-boy who leads the team in home runs. He has an air of strength that makes me quiver with excitement, and I wonder if his rough exterior translates to roughness in the bedroom…

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Captive of Wolves
For years, the monsters who killed my family have held me in a cage. Brutalized and half-starved. Only kept alive so they can steal my blood. Until one evening when four eerily gorgeous men break me out of my prison. They offer me a safe haven under their protection. A soft bed, delicious food, and all I need to heal. I’m not used to this kindness—or the desires their smoldering eyes and strong hands stir in my body and my heart. But these fearsome men aren’t really men. Like my captors, they’re fae who can shift into wolves. A curse gripping the faerie realm turns them wild under the full moon, and only my blood can cure their rage. As long as I’m a prize more than a person, how can I trust their kindness? I’ve survived this long without giving up. Somehow this damaged human girl will hold her own among the savage wolves. *Captive of Wolves is the first in a fantasy romance series featuring possessive wolf shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine finding her strength. Grab it now and get swept away in the fantasy!*

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US UK and CA

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