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The EvoAngel
In this fast-paced science-based thriller, an elderly mushroom hunter must open her secretive life to outsiders as she faces an unexpected body change. Edna Morton is producing feathers. As Edna mulls her complicated family history and old stories of witches, her case becomes known to an ambitious physician who wants control of Edna’s body. For the doctor’s work, a dead body will do. Edna’s immediate reaction is to escape to her beloved woods, but her daughter and granddaughter share her genetics. Edna vacillates between hiding and sharing information, hoping that the adoption of a dog will provide some level of protection. It’s too late. The world will not leave Edna alone. Edna’s work on fungi must take a backseat to surviving a brutal onslaught of attention. But what if the mushrooms are the path to the creation of angels?

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