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“Tomorrow died on the last morning of May. There were those who saw it happen, who watched the shadow fall, who felt the chop of the guillotine as the world lost its head. Everyone else witnessed only the aftermath, for the event itself lasted no longer than a moment. They stepped outside from windowless rooms, they climbed up from crowded subways, they pulled back the blinds to let in the sun, and found the nightmare waiting for them.” But the dark is only the beginning. NIGHTFALL is the first volume of the NIGHTMARELAND CHRONICLES, an ongoing serialized adventure horror epic following one man’s journey to reach his estranged daughter in a world claimed by eternal night.

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Blood Ever After
Seventeen-year-old Tyler Nash is struggling to come to terms with the death of his older brother and mentor Josh. Josh killed himself two years back now, and since then Tyler frequently experiences panic attacks and a general lack of confidence. But the presence of an ancient demon with the ability to possess people’s minds, turning them against each other, is about to change all that. Soon comes the apocalypse. Only a few have survived. Tyler being one. He must now find his way home through a barren, zombie-ridden world in search of his parents. But what if they are already dead? And what if those he journeys with, including the girl he desires most, are more deadly than the creatures looming in the shadows?

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The Dystopian Guide to the Galaxy
The authors from Dystopian Ink have teamed up to take you on a twisted journey throughout the universe. Fourteen epic stories explore the dark side of human nature and government overreach where lines are muddied and survival isn’t guaranteed.
For fans of Red Rising, Hunger Games, The Twilight Zone, and Dune, these captivating tales will transport you on an otherworldly adventure where unlikely heroes are forced to take a stand for justice to ensure a better future for their species…

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