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Murder Under the Magnolias
The first full week in April means a blooming business for Grace Ward, whose floral designs will be part of several parties with the major golf tournament in town. After the murder of a young woman with a mysterious tattoo, Grace finds herself in the middle of an investigation and wonders if these parties she’s beautifying are actually fronts for something more sinister.

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The Cursing Spell
Strange things are happening in Heaven Springs. A man who looks to be covered in blood is mumbling incoherently in the Town Square. At the same time a victim is found within the town’s library. Are the two events connected? Jonathan is experiencing headaches…are they connected to the weird goings on around him? Mandy knows her grandmother is keeping secrets. Is it to protect her or is she harboring dark mysteries of her own? As Warrior Angels congregate within the town, will the true evil show it’s face?

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Murder Revisited
When a young woman’s body is found in an alley, Jack Mallory takes on the case as the on-call detective. But before he can make a start, he is suddenly reassigned by his boss, Terrance Singleton, to the cold case of Timothy Waters, who had served 20 years in prison for the murder of Elizabeth Mitchell, the daughter of the then mayor. A review of his conviction has set him free and as a friend of the family, Singleton wants to make sure Mallory finds more evidence to put him back behind bars. But the case is complex and before long Mallory discovers that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye; family tensions, a witness run out of town and the possibility the victim had a second boyfriend. It all points to a shoddy investigation and a blunder that sent an innocent man to prison.

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