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Herbal Healing Remedies
How to beat insomnia without using harmful prescription sleeping pills, even if you think you’ve tried everything! Do you have trouble falling asleep every single night, making you want to burst into tears after hours of tossing and turning? Do you feel drowsy or fatigued during the day – that afternoon slump seeming to be an all-day slump? Are you struggling to remember the simplest of things, such as where you put your keys or appointments you have throughout the week? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you may suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is commonly caused by stress, mental disorders, sleep deprivation, and much more. Nearly 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder – and you could be one of them. But, there is a solution! You don’t have to suffer.

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You Are Not Alone
Have you ever been accused of “not being a real man” or told to “Man up!” by your significant other? Too often in today’s society, we hear that “I was gaslighted” or “That the problem has to be me. Unfortunately, the first is much more common than we believe, and the second phrase is directly related to the first. Really sad.
So if these issues are so common, how does one protect themselves from this form of narcissistic emotional abuse? Or, more importantly, recognize it and stop it before becoming a victim? More than 25% of Men directly experience gaslighting in a romantic relationship, and with over 50% of the adult population in the united states experiencing emotional abuse in some form in their lives, it is more essential than ever to know the signs early.
But what happens if you find yourself already in one of these relationships? That is when you must find a way to shield and protect yourself from further harm. Don’t allow yourself to continue being abused when you deserve so much more.

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