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The Girl Who Made Them Pay
Asha and Katy land at the Heathrow International airport after a terrifying transatlantic flight. The brutal men hunting them are now a continent away. Or so they think. Just as they let their guard down, a man in a black suit pushes Katy into a waiting London cab. With one thin clue to guide her, Asha races across London to find her friend. But every step embroils her deeper in the seedy back alleys of the red-light district. Just as the trail goes cold, three strangers offer to help her. But are they truly who they say they are? What do they get out of this? She has no choice. Time is running out and Katy’s captors are ruthless.

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Wild Fire
Two years after an attack brought down the electrical grid across the United States, the recovery effort is well underway. A new network of armored trains carry supplies and industrial equipment crucial to rebuilding the country. But along the rails, one area of America is still mired in darkness, violence, and danger. Some call it the Badlands. Others the Wild West. The government simply refers to it as the New Frontier. Retired Marine Sergeant Sam “Raven” Spears makes a living tracking down people and treasures in this lawless void. When raiders target a supply train in the New Frontier, Colorado Sheriff Lindsey Plymouth asks Raven to work with ex-Navy SEAL Calvin Jackson to secure the train’s vital cargo. All is going to plan until one fateful disaster changes everything. As the trail heats up to find those responsible, a mysterious virus starts spreading across the New Frontier. Raven soon realizes the two events might be connected. If he doesn’t find the insidious forces behind this conspiracy, the entire country will go up in flames.

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