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Hunter’s Games
It’s been a year since the explosive events in Nevada. Adrian Hell has kept a low profile, continuing to earn good money killing bad people. But a simple job in San Francisco is about to turn his world upside down. The city is under siege. A dangerous psychopath is terrorizing the city, leaving the authorities overwhelmed and the people scared. After a series of devastating attacks, the terrorist makes contact with the FBI. Their only demand: Bring me Adrian Hell.

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The Death Dealers
People are going missing in Los Angeles. But there are no news stories about it. The authorities aren’t looking into the cases. These people aren’t the type to command headlines. They’ve fallen through the cracks, making them easy prey for those prowling the streets of LA. Terrence Rubble, better known as Trouble, is passing through Los Angeles. But when he witnesses a brutal act of violence, he doesn’t hesitate to intervene. He fends off the masked attackers, but not before they promise to make him pay with his life. The victim, a young woman, manages to whisper a single word into Trouble’s ear. A word that’s the key to uncovering an ugly truth those in power don’t want told.

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