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The Prodigals – The Complete Box Set
Technology that is essential for everyday life was either crippled or destroyed. Communications, transportation, medical, water, and sewer treatment had been shut down in an instant. The American military was still largely intact, but the bases that depended on civilian infrastructure were now unusable, forcing the military to move to remote bases outside its continental borders. Cities and towns left their own, descend into chaos as the government struggles to prepare for what might be coming next. This is what the world wakes up to on Saturday, September 5th. The Raydon family, scattered across the state of Washington, had been prepared for this. Their father had seen it coming and when the unthinkable happens, they know making it back to the family ranch is their best hope.

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Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker Series Boxed Set of Thrillers, Volumes 1-3
Meet Mitch Kearns, a former Special Forces Combat Tracker who works for the FBI hunting down notorious criminals. Crossing paths with Israeli agent Dev Leitner, the two seasoned operators join forces to bring down terrorist cells, rogue assassins, and black-ops mercenaries in these adrenaline-soaked novels now available in one boxed set. Volume One, Dead in Their Tracks: FBI Agent Mitch Kearns had just finished teaching a mantracking course and was looking forward to time off when the daughter of a former black-ops mentor shows up on his doorstep in desperate need of help. The Aeneid Corporation, a military contractor that provides mercenaries to third-world governments, wants Devorah Leitner dead and the secrets she carries buried. With his life taking a drastic turn as the two are pursued by trained killers through the desert, Mitch has to use every trick in his arsenal as a former combat tracker to elude their pursuers until they can thwart the sinister plot to launch a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

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