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Coming Up Short 3
A man finds his happiest life in the world inside his coma. He also finds that the difference between heaven and hell can be a very thin line. A man wakes on a cold basement floor staring at two women who are bound to their chairs. Across the room, a dead man lies in a pool of blood. He cannot recall who they are or even his own name. The women beg the man to free them, but something seems wrong. Maybe it is he who needs to be freed. On a houseboat in the middle of a large lake, a retired couple experience a brief, strange flash of light. The next day, something tracks them from their boat to a nearby small town through the forest. What they find in the town is more horrifying than what awaits them on their return to the boat. Coming Up Short 3 is a new collection of tales of the macabre by the author of the award winning Within the Fog series. Warning: These stories will keep you up late at night, nervously chewing your fingernails, cringing at every little creak of your home. Our reality may not be what you have been led to believe.

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Engines. Genetically modified warriors that keep the great Nova Alliance war machine churning against the enemy Coalition. Most days, Engines are all that stand between salvation and chaos. Led by legendary Engine, Captain Akira Hayashi, Shadow Squad has fought on the frontlines for a decade. They are on the brink of victory when the Coalition launches a series of desperate and devastating attacks that cripple the Nova Alliance restoration sites vital to save the dying planet. As the sites burn and Earth’s hope of salvation fades, Shadow Squad is equipped with neural implants to connect them to Apeiron, the first hybrid-human-AI entity. She is coded for what Captain Hayashi believes is an impossible task—peace. But war isn’t the only threat to the Earth. Apeiron has uncovered a deadly secret with implications that could end all life. This rapidly approaching threat can be stopped only if humanity bands together on what will become known as E-Day, a pivotal moment that will determine the evolution—or the extinction—of the entire human race.

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