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The Bermuda Connection
NICK RANDALL is an Archeologist haunted by a recurring nightmare. Having just returned from an expedition in the jungles of Peru, he believes the dream may be tied to his discovery of a previously unknown native tribe, unlike any known to man. When he is nearly killed by assassins, Nick is forced into hiding.JOHN RANDALL, Nick’s son, is a talented Bioengineer who has developed a drug that erases past traumatic experiences, but has an unintended side effect as well. It allows . When his research partner mysteriously disappears, John searches for answers and soon finds himself pursued by a rogue band of military henchmen. Their paths cross when they are both drawn to a mysterious woman on the Island of Bermuda. But they must find her and solve the riddle before a crazed industrialist, and the Chinese military unleash a horrific weapon on humanity.

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Clarke and Fairchild Books 1-5
To disgraced MI6 spy Rose Clarke, John Fairchild is her last desperate hope of restoring her career. To embittered intelligence mercenary John Fairchild, Rose Clarke stands for everything he’s rejected. From the moment they meet, they are dragged into a journey which takes them across the world in pursuit of adversaries both seen and unseen, facing threats both global and intensely personal. The first five books in the Clarke and Fairchild series of international spy thrillers, this box set follows the back story of Fairchild’s missing parents right through to its shocking conclusion and sees huge shifts in the relationship between Fairchild and Clarke. A massive read that will take you into the frozen wilderness, the heart of the liveliest cities, the honeypots of the wealthy and the backwater realms of the most dangerous and threatened.

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