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Pick Your Teeth with my Bones
A secret society of warriors has protected the Fountain of Youth for centuries. Its location is a closely guarded secret and the society itself is shrouded in mystery. They are invisible. They are unknown. They blend in with the urban environment. For all anyone knows, the woods near Madison, Wisconsin could be their home! On any given day, if you look hard enough, you might spot Kellan Faolanni, a single, lives-alone, drives-a-truck kind of woman. She’s the girl-next-door type. Innocent looking and easy to get along with. You’d never know she’s a battle-scarred shapeshifter. That’s until the existence of a traitor is revealed, and a leaked document containing the history of her people threatens to expose her, her fellow Sankhain guardians, and the secrets they keep. Secrets the warriors have sworn to defend with their lives. With a fellow protector (and her faithful dog Galen), Kellan sets out to unravel the mystery of the compromising documents.

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