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Murder at the Marina
Mollie McGhie is hoping for diamonds for her tenth wedding anniversary. Instead, her clueless hubby presents her with a rundown boat. She’s not impressed. When she discovers someone murdered on board, things get even worse. Mollie hopes it will convince her husband to rethink his hare-brained scheme of sailing off into the sunset. Instead, he’s more determined than ever to fix the boat up and set off to sea. Poking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, Mollie finds herself drawn into the tight-knit community living at Palm Tree Marina in Coconut Cove, a small town on the Florida coast. She uncovers a crime ring dealing in stolen marine equipment, eats way too many chocolate bars, adopts a cat, and learns far more about sailing than she ever wanted to.

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Valley Of The Kings
After the untimely death of his older brother, six-year-old Prince Amenhotep IV becomes the unlikely heir to the Egyptian throne, the most powerful kingship in the ancient world. By the time he becomes pharaoh over a decade later, the growing influence of the wealthy and corrupt Amun priesthood threatens to undermine his sovereignty. Desperate to maintain power, Amenhotep outlaws the Amun religion, renames himself Akenaten, and proclaims himself the living incarnation of a single, all-powerful deity – the Aten, or sun. With the help of his headstrong mother, Queen Ty, and his beautiful wife, Nefertiti, Akenaten erects a new capital in the desert and entices thousands of citizens to uproot their lives and join him there. But the magnificent new capital harbors a host of new threats: betrayals, curses, conniving relatives, murderous jealousies, plagues, famine, hidden heretics, and foreign enemies.

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Grimm Up North
A young woman vanishes without a trace. Can an ex-soldier-turned-copper keep a mystery from becoming a tragedy? Bristol, England. DCI Harry Grimm carries his horrific IED scars both inside and out. But when the ex-paratrooper’s obsession with tracking down his murderous father nearly throws an investigation, the dyed-in-the-wool city dweller is horrified to be reassigned to North Yorkshire’s rural backwater. Determined to escape his exile of parking tickets and lost lambs, he does his best to alienate the locals… until a teen disappears. Well-acquainted with the ugly desires of human traffickers, Grimm fears the victim may have already met a gruesome end. So when he and his team make an awful discovery, his instinct for trouble tells him he’s stumbled across a special type of scum who could be hiding in plain sight.

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