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Shadows We Remain
Private investigator Bruce Ellsworth is familiar with the Amish. In his previous job as Sheriff in Castleton, Illinois, he was occasionally summoned to the nearby Amish community of Caroline Creek to solve a minor disagreement. But when an Amish family arrives at his office seeking help in finding their missing son, Bruce quickly finds himself caught up in a tangled web of FBI informants, Mafiosos, and secret societies that threaten to upend his whole world, and possibly get him killed. At seventeen, Maria Reader is destined to follow in the footsteps of all Amish girls that came before—baptism, marriage and about a dozen children.

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Project Renaissance
Solis won capitalism. The mega-corporation invented the contact lens that augments reality, effectively retiring the smartphone. Individuals can now enhance their reality to make it appear however they please. Life is artificially blissful. Except for Booker Vaux. When his family vanishes, unrequested hallucinations begin to plague him. The man heralded as one of Cleveland’s most esteemed detectives begins to see his world unravel. Several sleepless nights of fruitless searching push him to the edge, until a strange woman offers a breakthrough.

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