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My Strange Neighbor
Emma Flowers was 15 when she decided to take her own life. Like many things for Emma, her attempt was a failure. But, what she did succeed in was scaring her Mom into moving them to Twin Pines – a quiet town deep in the woods, far away from their troubles. But, there’s something stirring beneath Twin Pines’ rolling hills and boring main street. After the first night in their new house, a dog is found dead in the street. As the bad things continue, Emma notices something. Her new neighbor Marjorie is at the center of all the problems. To stop her, Emma will need to confront her past and overcome her greatest fears. In a “Stranger Things meets Coraline adventure”, My Strange Neighbor shines a light on the monsters sleeping in our shadows. And, as Emma will learn, monsters can’t stay asleep forever.

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Tales From A Fevered Brain
Ten freakish tales of the bizarre and extraordinary that will leave you questioning the terrors inherent in daily life. C. Howard Rieling digs deep into the mine of twisted tales within his fevered brain to excavate ten stories that will leave you wondering if he is sane or mad as a hatter. From the bizarre to the terrifying, these ten yarns will leave you scratching your head or running for the closest hiding spot. A drug addict haunted by a very unlikely ghost. A woman with a child who never gave birth. A young man who has a bizarre reaction to hot peppers.

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US UK and CA

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