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SciFi and Fantasy

Blackwood Marauders
Fame and fortune favours the bold as mercenaries run the lawless west. But growing up in a quiet farm, young Luc didn’t dream of adventure until he fails the military entrance exam. Robbed of the chance to prove his worth to his adoptive family, he crosses paths with a group of vicious, bloodthirsty mercenaries out on a monster-hunting quest. With only his quick wits and honesty to fall back on, Luc’s problems take a turn for the worst when he falls into a trap set by Roena Blackwood, the eldest of the local duke’s daughters. Dragged into a twisted plot concocted by a power-hungry merchant, Luc must find a way to save the lives of those around him–including the very mercenaries he was fated to kill.

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Jumpship Hope
Earth is a storm-ravaged wasteland. Humanity has fled the planet, establishing bases off-world. But disaster has struck the food crops of Luna Base, leaving the Orbitals starving, and Mars Colony ignores their pleas for aid. Hot-headed pilot Janlin Kavanagh will do anything to save her friends, so when SpaceOp captain Stepper Jordan proposes a sketchy plan to save their people, she immediately volunteers. Anything is better than slow starvation, even a risky voyage to an alien solar system in a ship with unproven Jump technology. The mission faces unexpected dangers, and the mettle of Janlin and her crew is tested, against each other and the strange, new species they encounter. Can Janlin overcome mistrust and betrayal to salvage the mission and restore hope to her friends and herself?

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