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Dooms and Devourer
Miles ran away to the South Seas looking for adventure. But when Devourers from earth’s core cover the planet, his only chance at survival lies on a train into the wilderness. Within a company of refugees, a mystery awaits. An old man has a mission. An ancient religion lurks at a distance — a warrior society of Dooms — people blessed with the power to combat monsters. These primitive soldiers may be humanity’s last hope. Will Miles abandon his hope of returning home and follow his destiny into a battle between light and dark, between bullets and creatures . . . between Dooms and Devourers? The planet is being devoured, Miles, and time is running out.

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Azalea House
On her sixteenth birthday, Marianne’s world gets turned upside down. After her parents die suddenly in an accident, she and her brother, Marcus, must fend for themselves as they adjust to a new life with a dysfunctional extended family.

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US UK and CA

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