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SciFi and Fantasy

Romance and drama and soul-sucking goddesses, oh my. Senior year, and I’ve got it all: a great boyfriend, an exciting job, and easy classes. And I’m finally figuring how to use my ability to see death before it happens. After the fiasco that was last year, a bit of a break feels well-deserved. So of course it can’t last. Because now there’s another goddess on the scene, and her powers are freaky strong. Stronger than mine. People are vanishing. The police suspect a cult, but I know better. And if I’m going to stop her, I’ve got to become stronger also. If I fail, people won’t lose their lives. Just their souls.

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From Crown to Blade
Twin sisters. One destined to rule; the other destined to fight. A quest that will destroy the fabric of magic. Princess Naomi, the rightful heir of Wildbriar, learned at a very young age she must neglect her heart in favor of duty, even as she jealously watches her twin sister, Nayeli, do as she pleases. But the seemingly carefree Princess Nayeli, the King’s Champion, has duties of her own. Despite her passion for training with the soldiers, Nayeli nonetheless dreads the day she’ll become Commander of Naomi’s army and be forced to uphold their father’s legacy—to protect Wildbriar from the war currently raging between three powerful kingdoms on the other side of the continent. During their eighteenth birthday celebration, the castle is attacked by unknown rogues—and Naomi is poisoned.

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