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SciFi and Fantasy

Twits in Love
Cyril Chippington-Smythe, the world’s richest man, awakens from a drunken stupor to find that he may have engaged himself to the horrifyingly toothy Alice Witherspoon. His mechanical manservant, Bentley, concocts a plot to free his master from any possible entanglements, but Alice has more than matrimony on her mind and may destroy civilization as we know it. “The Twits Chronicles are hilarious, blessed with truly exceptional dialogue. Steampunk dystopia meets Oscar Wildean wit in these books and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions– not something I often do while reading.

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Shadow Deal
Seven years ago, I swore I would never talk to demons again. I stopped practicing the dark art of necromancy when a demon double-crossed me and killed my wife. I’ve spent the last seven years in quiet solitude. Now the demon is back from the other side and wants to finish what he started. Word on the street is that he wants to hang my head on a necklace. So here I am, back in the game. You know, making deals with grim reapers, casting dark spells, binding souls to dead bodies. Typical necromancer stuff. But I’m using my powers for good this time. When I’m done, this demon is going to beg for mercy.

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The House of Rune Box Set
Every family has its own little secrets, but none are as big as mine. Ever since my mother was murdered by vampires, my life has been turned upside down. After spending the better part of the school year in an asylum, I finally get to go back home. But with my mother now gone, and only a step father who would rather climb into a bottle than pretend that he cares for me, who could ever call this place home? And to top it all off, now I’m being shipped off to go live with an aunt who I never met, on some strange island no one ever heard of. What a weird place. I hate it here. That is, until I got an eyeful of the insanely gorgeous Isaac Rune.

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