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Gabe Nichols just handed his fortune over to a stranger but may never get it back. Can it be saved by completing his mission? Six billionaires. One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked a mission. If one fails, they all fail. Billionaires, no more. Reserved Gabe Nichols is Smith’s fifth candidate. Gabe questions if he should even be in this exclusive group of billionaires. When he receives no mission, it confirms his doubts. Once home in Colorado, an unexpected visit from an old girlfriend catches him off guard. His friend Lily Jarvis, who went to school with both, secretly pines for Gabe. She suspects Blair has ulterior motives and hopes Gabe will eventually see Blair for who she is. Will Lily finally get her chance with her billionaire boss?

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Holly Hansen doesn’t know what she wants to do with her future. For as long as she can remember, she’s lived most of her life either behind a computer screen or—due to her social anxiety—going off on her own. Because of that, she has passable relationships with people all over the world, and the travel blog she’s been running since high school is more successful than she ever dreamed. Simple. Because she’s lonely. Last Christmas, her only IRL friend moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere to fill some strange clause in a dead relative’s will. This year? Gloria has decided to stay—and she wants Holly to come for a visit. Spend the holidays in a place where there isn’t any television, telephones, or internet? Really? It sounds impossible… but it also sounds tempting. Figuring why not, she decides to spend the month of December offline— and that’s when she meets Xavier Miller.

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The Met Kiss
The world needs a great love story right now, and The Met Kiss is it. A powerful and heartfelt romance for the ages that has you rooting for head-over-heels love and a happily-ever-after. Hotel heiress Emily San Sebastian is overworked and unfulfilled. Running a resort hotel and reeling from the grief of losing her mother, she scarcely has time for romance—not that she is looking. A bad breakup has left her trigger-shy. Sean Paxton has committed his life to his job in finance in New York for many years, but recent events in his life have left him questioning everything and yearning for more meaningful experiences. Both Emily and Sean need a life change. When Sean decides to take a vacation on the island of Saint Vincent, he is expecting relaxation and natural beauty, but he could never have predicted a chance encounter with Emily on a hidden Caribbean beach at sunset. They strike up an immediate friendship, but could it be more?

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