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The Good Knight
When a king is murdered on the way to his wedding, Gareth & Gwen join forces in their first mystery together! Five years after Gareth walked away from Gwen in disgrace, she encounters him in the aftermath of an ambush, standing over the body of a murdered king. Although it isn’t exactly the reunion Gwen had dreamed of, she and Gareth join forces against the treachery and intrigue rife within the court of Gwynedd. And once blame for the murder falls on Gareth himself, Gwen must continue her search for the truth alone, finding unlikely allies in foreign lands, and ultimately uncovering a conspiracy that will shake the foundations of Wales.

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In the Company of Men
Miss Etta Lynne is desperate. With the Great War finally over, it’s up to her to care for her sick mother and pregnant, widowed sister. She needs the high school teaching position in Oakland, Manitoba. It doesn’t matter that the superintendent shows his contempt for her at every turn. Nor does it matter that the overprotective and entirely too attractive mayor disagrees with her more often than not. It doesn’t even matter that the previous teacher disappeared under mysterious (and potentially grim) circumstances. She will persevere. However, Etta soon realizes she’ll have to learn to trust those around her if she has any hope of finding safety—and possibly love—in this new life. But what if trust is a luxury she simply can’t afford?

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Pretty Corpse
When Patrol Officer Lauren Starkly finds an unconscious teenage girl posed as a corpse, she learns that the offense mirrors two other recent assaults. The attack is intensely personal to Lauren—the girl is her daughter’s close friend. Lauren feels compelled to do some off-duty investigation. The perpetrator is intelligent and methodical, and essentially invisible. But Lauren has uncanny detection skills, and routinely finds evidence missed by the detectives. She earns official trouble for her effort, but the warnings from her superiors don’t keep her from tugging at elusive clues. As she gets closer to the predator, he takes notice. Taunting Lauren, he demonstrates that he can get close to her, and to her daughter, Courtney, without a trace. Stressed and sleep-deprived, Lauren is determined to bring him down—before she or Courtney become his next victim.

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