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Steamy Romance

Wolf Retreat
Carmen’s problem: Her pack’s about to be destroyed by a rogue pack intent on claiming all their females. Their only recourse? To attend a retreat where alphas meet their forever mate. They’re hoping to find an alpha who would protect them from danger. Shawn’s problem: After three years, he still hadn’t found his fated mate. When a friend suggested a Wolf Retreat, it piqued his interest enough to attend. Hopefully, one female stirred his inner beast into claiming her, or doom him to loneliness with the possibility of losing his pack. The retreat: When Shawn saw Carmen, the dark-haired beauty with bright green eyes, sparks flew. He knew she was the one and would do everything in his power to protect her, even if it meant fighting to the death.

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The Big Daddies of LA
The Big Controlling Daddies from Los Angeles are here to teach you things that you’ll enjoy. Five smoking hot age gap romances including a brand new story, “Daddy’s Protection”. Believe me, I was never into older men. Until… a hot new neighbor caught my attention! Rhys isn’t like anyone I’ve ever dated. Or met through the world of modeling that I’ve conquered. He’s a former police officer. Protective, alpha, oh-so-irresistible. I knew I was in trouble when I woke up from a dream about him. It was one I’d be too shy to tell my friends about. But everything is not as perfect as it seems. Especially with a creepy stalker sending me texts. Ignoring him is not an option. Not with Rhys wanting to protect me with everything he’s got. The bad news? He may be right about the danger. The good news? I have him by my side.

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She’s Still The One
When you have been a Rock N Roll Playboy for years no one believes you are done with that life. Especially the brother of the girl who has held your heart all these years. That same brother who is also your best friend. I try to stay away, I really do, but her brother and I are in a band and we are going back on tour and now she’s coming with us. The small space of a tour bus, bright stages light, the high of singing to a sold out crowd, what could go wrong? Everything. Her brother finds us together, then her life is in danger because of the band, and I’m about to lose my mind. How do you convince your best friend you’re no longer a playboy so you can date his sister?

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