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Your Next Best Move
Discover the secret to success in all walks of life through four unique perspectives. When was the last time you stopped and took a look at your life, made time for important things, released unnecessary loads, and steered yourself onto your desired path? We often go through life without thinking too much about it. But to be truly successful and confident in our happiness, we must be proactive in navigating ourselves towards our goals. Through the unique perspectives of a professional chess player, a martial arts master, a vipassana expert, and an educator, this book addresses the turning points in life and teaches you how to choose, plan, and execute your next best move.

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Witchcraft for Beginners
Unlock your inner magic and manifest your dreams into reality — Learn the tools, tips, and insights to harness the power of modern witchcraft and transform your life! If there’s one thing Eleanor Clemm has learned from her mother, it is this: There is infinite magic in the world. Since she was a teenager, Clemm has witnessed how much magic can positively influence the course of your fate. With the struggles she’s experienced and overcome, her source of strength and self-empowerment were the witchcraft lessons her mother shared with her. Today, she’s sharing these lessons, as well as the crucial insights she uncovered through her own research, through her bestselling book “Witchcraft for Beginners: Empowering the Modern Witch with an Easy-to-Follow Guide to Spellcasting, Wicca Rituals, and Protection Magick”!

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