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The Street Reporter
A killer is beheading journalists and he wants the residents of Franklin to see his gruesome acts. Hyder Ali is suddenly under pressure when a legendary investigative journalist shows up in Franklin to make a mark for himself. Meanwhile, a killer is beheading his victims and hiding their heads for the police to find. Detective Tom Nolan is called in to investigate the brutal murders. To make matters worse, Nolan is partnered with his nemesis, Detective Angelo Pascale. The stress takes a toll on Nolan as he contemplates hitting the bottle again. When more bodies pile up, Hyder begins to question his decision to be a reporter when someone close to him becomes the next target.

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US UK and CA

Kate Adler led a quiet life as a computer analyst, never expecting someone would want to kill her, and the assassin wasn’t prepared for Kate’s personal brand of justice. One day Kate decrypts an encoded message exposing Iran’s secret plans to start a war by triggering a global market crash. In Germany, she narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by an Iranian hit team with the help of Brad Danner, an ongoing romantic interest. While running for her life in Europe with Brad, Kate learns she’s head of the Cartel, a secret organization founded by her late Father. Armed with the group’s special forces, a deep surveillance capability, and the Cartel’s unique methods, Kate becomes the hunter. In a suspense-filled journey of espionage, suspense, and danger, Kate’s confidence grows as she attempts to stop a war while pursuing those who tried to kill her. A page-turning Cartel thriller that delivers constant surprises and non-stop action.

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US UK and CA

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