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Fade To Graye
For Daniel Warren, life is going well. Married to the love of his life with two kids, he is living the American dream. As a veteran New York City firefighter, he is no stranger to critical situations, but nothing could have prepared him, or the world, for September 11, 2001. Responding to the call on that morning, the sense of urgency to save everyone inside the Twin Towers is heightened by the fact that his wife is working on the 90th floor of the south tower. He fights to get to her, only to be diverted to other victims who need his crew’s help. He narrowly escapes the building collapse, only to panic when he realizes no one ever got above the impact zone to help those who were trapped. Daniel vows to search for Emily in the rubble until she is found, pulling her out to safety before it’s too late.

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Next in Line
A murder victim with celebrity connections spells trouble for DI Clare Mackay…
Gaby Fox is known to many due to her successful TV career, so when her brother and his pals hire the salubrious Lamond Lodge for his birthday celebrations, it is noted by the St Andrews locals. A ripple of shock goes round the town when Russell Fox is gunned down on the premises. DI Clare Mackay is attending a wedding when she sees Gabrielle receive a phone call then flee. Soon after, Clare learns why when the news of the shooting reaches her. Instead of trying to enjoy the day – not easy when the groom is her ex-boyfriend – Clare is preoccupied. Clare gets to work on uncovering the facts surrounding Russell Fox’s death.

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