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Steamy Romance

Lone Star Longing
Twelve years ago, a terrible school bus accident divided a town, but bonded the survivors. Some of them fled the small West Texas town, some remained, and some felt drawn back to the place where they lost their innocence. Beck Conover didn’t intend to do more than check in on his mom in Broken Wheel when he was driving through Texas on his way to his job in Las Vegas. He hadn’t been home in, well, longer than he’d care to admit. But when he gets there, the house is in terrible shape.

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Heart of the Cottage Court Motel
A love story between two people who weren’t looking for love but found it…a mystery tragically rooted in their family’s history…and a cat who found a home…
She’s a single mom, adores her son and even his cat, and doesn’t have time for romance. The sheriff doesn’t agree. Rebecca has one love in her life…her young five-year-old son. Unexpectedly, after a number of sudden changes in her well thought out plans, the single mother finds herself and her son living with her Great-Aunt Lettie in her big historic home in the small-town of Spring Falls. It isn’t long before Rebecca bumps into the grown up version of the boy who was both the bane of her childhood and a best friend she could always count on.

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Caught in the Middle
If I’d known how things would unfold, I never would have hired her. Jessica went from being my personal assistant to my obsession pretty quickly. All it took was a single glance at the offic. And when I saw how good she was with my son, it was game over. I knew there was something there. Something beyond just how I felt with her inside the bedroom. But Jessica isn’t prepared to be a part of my life. She would never be able to handle my toxic ex. A custody battle was already ruining my life. And a new relationship would only add to the existing trouble. I know that andyet, here I am… still pursuing her. Even more now that I can sense her pulling away. Jessica is hiding a secret. A secret that would make us family forever. It took me a long time to realize that Jessica is the love of my life.

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In the Shadows of a Lie
The discovery of her mother’s diaries unravels a secret which sends Lani on a journey to New Zealand. She lost her mother in an accident. Now, Lani Dekker is determined to meet the man who, according to her mother’s diaries, is her father. He’s not what she expected, a bit on the extravagant side, but she soon warms up to him, thanks no less to Dylan, her father’s neighbour. Despite her attraction to Dylan, she can’t figure out whether he’s a friend or foe. Dylan Harper is merely going through the daily motions after his wife died in a ski crash. That is, until his life is turned upside down by the arrival of his neighbour’s daughter. Their attraction is instant, even more so when they wake up in the same bed after an earthquake. However, it’s her accusation that his interest in her involves her father’s money rather than their mutual magnetism that derails their newfound bond.

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