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SciFi and Fantasy

Warrior Women
She was both a seductress and an avenging angel. Her given name was Deianeira, but she was known as “The Shadow”.
Deianeira understood loyalty and she would do anything to protect her tribe and her sisters. But she never truly understood what love was until she adopted an abandoned child from another tribe. When that child was kidnapped and possibly sold into slavery, the Shadow had no choice but to search for her. It became an epic quest, covering thousands of miles. She encountered many dangerous obstacles which she had to navigate. But it was her only love, her daughter, and she would say or do anything to find her again. The epic adventure of the legendary Shadow continues in this dramatic and action filled adventure.
The women warriors of the Amazon tribe of southern Ukraine lived under constant pressure from the patriarchal tribes in their vicinity. Losing one battle could lead to enslavement and the dissolution of their tribe and their culture. This unpleasant truth forced them to become vicious and over vigilant. They rarely backed away, and they fought with a tenacity that was fabled.

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The Oremere Chronicles Omnibus
This omnibus set includes all four books in The Oremere Chronicles series by bestselling author, Helen Scheuerer. With over 2000 pages of adventure, secrets, magic and mystery, this collection has been called “fantasy at its finest”, “addictive” and “captivating” by readers all around the world.

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Trans Galactic Insurance
The Galactic Empire disappeared a lifetime ago. Jake Stewart doesn’t care, he needs to earn a living. He fled his station in the outer Belt, enrolled in the merchant academy, and snagged a scholarship. The future looks bright. But a crooked boss, some paperwork shenanigans, and a freeloading best friend put him in a bind. When he’s accused of a murder he didn’t commit he goes on the run from the Planetary Militia. There’s only his wits and a suspiciously helpful pretty girl between him and jail. Can he trust her to prove his innocence? Or does she have another agenda?Tired of books where everything that moves gets shot? How about a book where people use their brains? If you like strategy over tactics, and thought before action, The Adventures of a Jump Space accountant series is for you.

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