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Resisting the Bad Boy
He’s the ruthless lawyer with a not-so-little black book, and one simple rule as unyielding as his heart: Nothing more than a month. She’s the doctoral student helping to raise his niece. His brother’s best friend. And the valium for his soul he had no business wanting. To be fair, she did ask him for advice–on what she could do to stop being ‘the nice girl’ for a little bit. All he did was answer truthfully: “Try something new that excites you.” Preferably him.

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A Convenient Escape
She’s a romantic who failed to fall in love in her first Season. He likes a friend who sees him as nothing more. When life doesn’t go how either of them planned, they strike a convenient deal. With so many examples of true love to look up to, Miss Elizabeth Waynford is certain that her future holds the same. Her parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles all have such wonderful love stories that have inspired her own dreams. Beth has known since she was a girl that she wanted to fall in love and marry during her first Season. Her rose-colored lenses are challenged after one Season passed and now her second Season has almost come to a close without that precious spark of love. At least she has her good friend to rely on and commiserate with about their struggles in the marriage mart—until his struggles threaten to saddle him with a miserable future. How can Beth stand by and let that happen?

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