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Knot Tying for Beginners
Most fishermen always use the same basic knot for every need, not knowing that this is wrong. If you are one of those struggling to remember more knots, then this book is right for you. Although it is not easy to remember which knot is better to use in a specific situation, with practice, dedication, and research, it is possible to improve your knot-tying skills, and this book is here to shortcut this process!

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How To Be An Adult For Teens
Are you a teen looking to learn the right life skills to live independently, or do you have a teen learning to become a responsible adult?
It’s no surprise that learning all the practical skills for an independent life is vital for a successful future! And it’s important to learn these life skills the right way, all during the most crucial years of your life – the teenage years.

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US UK and CA

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