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Ancient Greek Mythology A Short Guide For Adults
We know about Zeus the mighty and have heard a thing or two about Hercules and Medusa. However, hardly anyone can remember the whole story. This is because there are so many gods and goddesses. So, it could be hard to keep up. And it is a shame because the myths are full of wonders. Once you open the door into this world, you will get sucked in quickly. And it will keep you in awe.

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Escape From Sugartraz
If you constantly feel the urge for sweets or junk food, even when you’re committed to not eating them, escaping sugar may feel like trying to break free from a maximum-security prison. No matter what you try, you end up back in Sugartraz, and sometimes it’s a very dark place of solitary confinement. You’re not alone. One-third of the US population is obese, primarily due to excessive use of refined sugar in everyday food. Sadly, most of these people are simply not yet aware of the habit-forming aspects of sugar, or they don’t know how to escape it. This keeps them imprisoned in Sugartraz, in a perpetual cycle of degrading health.

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