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The Bachelor Kings
He’s a man with secrets. Secrets that can bring down the kingdom of Gathleon if they get into the wrong hands at the wrong time. Prince Jaeger Evandros Toska is taking risks, and he knows it. While the king gallivants across the globe, Jaeger is left to defend the island nation in a time of crisis. Can he overcome the obstacles in his path, or will he and Gathleon succumb to a raiding sea pirate bent on revenge?

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Wanted: Vampire’s Assistant
Ever had life kick you in the teeth after it shoved you down the stairs? Yeah, that’s how my day was heading. And then I saw an ad in the paper that changed my life—Wanted: Vampire’s Assistant. Qualifications must include: loyalty, sturdiness, flexibility, dependability, fearlessness, intelligence, and please no applicants that are prone to temper or fits of terror. Normally, I’d laugh at the absurd ad, but I emailed the prankster—Draven Leto, instead. People need jobs, Mr. Leto. Prank ads are not appreciated.

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