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Mostaccioli Murder
Jade returns home to Chicago after being wrongfully fired from her dream job. When she had left a decade ago, she had made two promises to herself. One, never ever work for the family restaurant again. And, two, never ever see Logan, her cheating ex-boyfriend, again. Unfortunately, when the restaurant delivery driver is found murdered, Jade assumes his position. The detective assigned to the case is none other than Logan.

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The Jobber
Lance Gedrin is taking in the sights at the San Antonio Riverwalk when he spots a group of thugs trying to rob a young woman on the pedestrian bridge. Gedrin gets ready to dispose of the hombres, but he’s too slow. The woman hurts them in record time and Gedrin is smitten. Turns out she’s a former UFC champion. They start chatting, but then everything changes. She gets a text with a gruesome photo of her autistic brother tied to a chair. He’s been kidnapped.

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