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The Danger Within
Avner Ehrlich stands before the most cunning enemy he has ever faced – an enemy with innovative and sophisticated methods, That conceal the danger within… Imad Akbariyah, a rising star in Al-Qaeda’s chain of command, recruits a fellow Palestinian doctor to perform surgeries on terrorist Shahids and implant their bodies with plastic explosives that allow them to move freely through any security check or device. Imad will never forget the day when his father was killed in front of his eyes by an Israeli commando officer. Years later, he seeks to avenge his father’s death at any cost and dreams of the day when he will finally get his revenge on the man responsible.

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Café Wars
Algeria and France 1954. Encouraged by the Viet Minh triumph over the French at Dien Bien Phu, Algerian rebels seize the moment and rise in rebellion against their imperial masters. But Algeria is not Indochina; it is considered part of the homeland, and the French are determined to keep it. French paratroopers once again lead the fight and find this is no ordinary enemy. The rebels attack from the shadows but live in plain sight in the Casbah, among the people. It is urban warfare at its worst. Everyone is suspect. Nobody is safe. Extreme measures are required.

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