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SciFi and Fantasy

A special forces troop and an ordinary woman are transported to another planet through a wormhole forcing them to work together to survive. Imagine being forced onto a plane by a bunch of mercenaries and then crash-landing on another planet. That is what happened to Sara Newman and it was all thanks to her father and an alien named Andrin. After they crashed it became obvious that they were on another planet when they saw two suns in the sky. It made it incredibly hot during the day. First and foremost, they needed to survive. They had to find shelter and they had to do it fast.

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Star Guild Saga Boxed Set
Abducted along with thousands of others. Transported to a world of slavery for alien masters. Mind-wiped, so every hellish day in the mines feels like just another job shift. This has been going on for millennia. And one day, archaeologist Ali Johnson decodes an ancient Sumerian tablet that unveils the truth. Those secrets set her on a trail of clues that lead to the right place at the absolute wrong time. The plan to keep humanity at heel relies on periodic purges, and the countdown to genocide is ticking. Ali may be the spark that ignites galactic rebellion.

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