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Climb up to Love
Jill Haymaker brings you back to Peakview County, Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains, in this story of finding love and overcoming your past. Sierra Outlaw doesn’t believe in love-not anymore. Not since she found her husband in bed with another woman. Back home at her family’s Eagle Tree Cattle Ranch, in Peakview County, Colorado, shestruggles to find her identity as a single mom.

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Finding Warrior Pose
Jaya Gupta is having a bad week. Her dating prospects have fizzled, she has just lost her job, and her traditional Indian-American family expects her to get married. When her grandmother uncovers the deed to a long-lost plot of land in India, now the home of a world-famous yoga ashram, Jaya is intrigued. Sent on a six-month holiday to learn yoga, Jaya is pulled into a new global travel backpacking scene.

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