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A Book of Truths
When Mui comes into possession of a book littered with cryptic notes handwritten on the pages, she thinks nothing of the doodling nonsense until she discovers one is an anagram for her late father’s name. Deciphering more of the riddles leads her to believe her father isn’t dead and her mother lied to her. But Mui’s not the only one with a strange connection to the book. The previous owner was a member of the Bibliokeepers, a secret organization that uses symbolism to hide valuable information inside random books. She died mysteriously, and so did those close to her. The remaining Bibliokeepers fear anyone with access to that book is in danger and are racing to track it down. Will Mui fall victim while searching for the truth about her father?

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Pictures To Die For
Why would anyone waste an expensive artefact like this? That’s what PI John Kite can’t understand as he goes on the trail of the perpetrator. At the same time, he’s hired by a former lover – a beguiling and kooky woman, for whom he still has deep feelings. She wants him to investigate the disappearance of her husband, a lawyer and baronet. The series trademarks of sparky dialogue and a sense of humour move the story on fast, as ex-cop Kite works both cases simultaneously. He chases round Europe, from London to Brussels, Antwerp and Scotland and discovers the missing husband is close to an eccentric gallery owner connected to the art-destruction case. There’s tension and ambivalent feelings between Kite and his ex-lover, but nevertheless, they join forces. She’s an ex-cop herself, and together they follow leads which take them to Delaware. Where it’s suddenly crisis time.

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We Stand Alone
Hanoi 1953. An American fighter pilot, Tom Coyle, volunteers to fly for the French military during the Indochina War. “Just cargo and troops, no combat” that is the deal. Make some money and head back to the states before he and his friend, Earthquake McGoon, get their asses shot off. But things rarely go as planned… French commander Major Marcel Bigeard is the fittest man in the army, eats raw onions for breakfast, and has courage beyond reason. He leads his brigade of elite paratroopers into the Muong Thanh Valley, far from French supply lines. A dilapidated airfield is rebuilt into a fortified air bridge – the paratroopers’ lifeline and only means of escape.

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