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SciFi and Fantasy

Man on Mars
The Wake is book one in the Man on Mars Sci-Fi trilogy. The story begins in 2057, when an unknown virus spreads on Earth, and some people choose to move to Mars. However, Mars is not made habitable by humans. Instead, a planet-wide transformation has been done by Gattis, a group of intelligent alien beings who’ve expanded their territory to our solar system. At first, they appear friendly and willing to share their technology, but in secret, they’re preparing to conquer Earth. Since then, there’s been peace and war between Gattis and humans on Mars.

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Terranavis Adventures
Magic exists. Too bad it might kill us all.
Austin Detective Maggie Parker’s world is about to be turned upside down in a frantic search for 4 Elementals.
Meanwhile, her neighbors down the road have an entirely different problem to handle. A deadly creature has been locked away for millennia. It was accidentally released. The three sisters must put it back in the vault.

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